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inGenious Cross Disciplinary Project 799G52

8 credits, Part time 25%

  • Project course with real life challenges from the industry and public sector

  • Students from all educations can apply [90 credits completed is required]

  • Single subject course that might be included in your curriculum, or just read the course on the side of your studies! [Ask your study adviser for guidance]

  • Few mandatory course moments

  • Flexible schedule where the project group is in charge of their own time planning

Our projects

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Amazonkey AB was started to create sustainable work opportunities in the amazon region that didn't rely on cutting down rainforest. We have done this by creating our brand Zonkyfruits, that sells acai products right now on a Swedish market. In the future we want to do more berries and bigger launch on a global market to be able to make an impact in the amazon region.

A bit of our history

While working with an event in Belem 2009 to raise awareness around the amazon and its challenges, we were made aware of how much work they have there that involves cutting down rainforest, and we felt like we wanted to do something about it. Together with local people in the state of Pará we started the project that is now Amazonkey, which was supposed to be the key to the amazon.

What is an acai?

Acai is a berry from the amazon region, full of antioxidants and omega 3, that has been eaten as a basic food of the native population, long before the Portuguese colonisation. The berry looks similar to blueberry, but it's just possible to eat the outside of it because there is just a kernel inside of it instead of the fruit flesh. We work primarily in Pará which is the bigger producer of acai in Brazil.


Around 10,000 places just in Belem sells acai daily and create around 200 kg each of acai kernel, then adding the factories working with the national and international markets its ten times higher in high season. We started to ask around while producing our own product how the locals deal with the rest product. So far we haven't heard any good solutions, and we've seen the kernels everywhere - in the streets, in the forest, in the water, people burning them. This brings a problem for the nature as well. We want to find a sustainable way to use the rest product and creating a business around it that can create work in the region while helping the nature.


Ädelhus is a quality house that rests on a solid foundation of knowledge from several generations. The combination of classic Swedish architecture and new climate-smart energy technology makes our houses unique in their kind. We have managed the art piece to retain all the benefits of older beautiful houses and let them meet new construction technology without compromising on the shape and function of the house.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop a modern and futuristic house. “The” house of the future. What modern and forward-thinking specialties should it include? We are also looking for an efficient way to market such a house. Will the customers change depend on the house functions? And how would the most efficient marketing, that reflects the feeling of the house, tickles and stimulate your senses potentially look like?


Destination Kolmården is a wildlife park and a theme park with themed attractions and environments, shows, food, hotel and beautiful surroundings to experience.

Our vision is a future where there is balance between human, animals and nature. Our mission is to engage people in a lifelong commitment for animals and nature. Every year Kolmården has around 700 000 guests from all over the world. Our ability to influence the guests should not be ignored.

For this reason - and many more - Kolmården wish to continue doing good things for the future. Our head goals amongst the sustainable development goals (SDG) are number 14 and 15, based on the fact that they are goals that relate directly to our core business, although the others are equaly important to us.

Background to the focus issue

Kolmården is a big park, the largest zoo in northern Europe. Things happen quickly and we need to be able to transport both ourselves and equipment relatively quickly. To do so our transports within the organization builds all too much on vehicles such as cars. Even if we have been replacing diesel and petrol driven vehicles with electrical/hybrids, we are not satisfied yet.

The challenge

We want you to develop a strategy for internal transport in accordance with SDG and our image as a responsible sustainability company. OR… You are most welcome to take on the challenge to find creative and smart ways to get our guests to recycle 100% while they are at Kolmården and continue to do that when they get back home. OR… why not see if there is anything else interesting that we and the earth/world needs.

Feel free to come up with other ideas on what Kolmården should do to become more climate neutral and contribute even more to the sustainable future!

Nordic Soda Company

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Thomas Jensen, Marcus Nyberg and Daniel Gustafsson with an idea of a Swedish organic soda. The range was soon expanded with organic tonic and listing on Sweden's largest grocery store chain came just after that which resulted in that the Nordic Soda Company within a few weeks became the market leader on premium tonic and organic soft drinks and beating established brands like Fever Tree, Britvick and Fentimans.

Foreign distributors also quickly gained interest and our products are now available in markets in Europe, Africa, North America, Oceania, the Middle East and Asia. Still on a small scale but on the verge of great breakthroughs in several countries!


We currently have many customers who ask for light versions of our existing range.


We want to stick to organic products and at present there are no permitted artificial sweeteners that may be used in the production of organic products. Are there other alternatives that still retain flavor but have the same low sugar content as sweeteners?

Raws - Straws that don’t suck

We harvest and manufacture straws made in Sweden. 100% natural and sustainable. We are starting a war against plastic by introducing the best straw made. Durable, compostable and don’t get soggy - what more do you need?


As a nature company that will lead the campaign against plastic, it’s important that we use all the resoruces of the reed. Currently, we only use the lower parts, that are suitable for making straws. The rest we want to do something with - and here we need some great ideas.


After we’ve harvested and cut our straws, there’s around 70% spill - that we don’t use. We intend to create a market for this - either for isolation, food for animals or bioenergy? The sky is the limit.

Söderköping stad

The Association City Center in Söderköping is an economic association that today consists of 70 members. The members consist of local shops, property owners, the municipality, media, banks, gas stations and others. The purpose of the association is to participate in influencing the city's development and creating good conditions for all enterprises and residents located in the municipality.


During the last 15 years that our association has been active, trade and much of the community service has been changed and partially disappeared from the municipality. The past two years, several stores have been forced to close due to the growth of online business and it has contributed to an empty and somewhat boring inner city and center. However, some businesses have received new owners, as well as a few new businesses, have been added. Still there is some requested service missing to make the inner city and our municipality attractable for younger people and freshly started families to live in.


Söderköping has a location that makes the city flourish in the summertime, but how can we make it prosper all the year around? How should we develop the city to make it more attractable for people at the age 20-40 to visit, start their business within and settled down?

Visit Östergötland

Visit Östergötland is part of the Growth Unit within Region Östergötland and is working to strengthen Östergötland's attractiveness by marketing Östergötland as a destination both nationally and internationally.


According to Östergötland's visiting industry strategy, Visit Östergötland will work towards a sustainable visitor industry where products and services are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Visit Östergötland seeks a solution to get more visitors traveling to and around the region to find more sustainable alternatives to transport and market activities with minimal negative environmental impact. We would like a way for both the region's inhabitants and visitors to choose a more climate-smart holiday, whether you are traveling from other parts of Sweden/World or East Goths themselves traveling to other parts of Sweden/World. The solution could include a calculation of how large the climate impact your trip does to then give alternatives that are more climate-smart. The solution should also help companies to market their activities to visitors and to reach out with information on how their sustainability work contributes to minimal impact on the environment.


We are Cruitive, the future of recruitment. Our vision is to create a fair, global and automatic platform for candidates and work opportunities to instantly match with each other. We want to make the recruitment process seamless for both candidates and companies with the use of scientifically recommended HR-practices that are automated through high technology such as artificial intelligence.

Through the automated matching parts of our system we also want to minimize the risk of both conscious and unconscious discrimination that today sadly are a common part of the recruitment process, and instead work for a more humane and equal labor market. We want our costumers to characterize us as deliverers of a high quality system that makes it simple to do right when it comes to recruitment, we want them to feel comfortable with us as deliverers of the best, most efficient and easily used recruitment system there is and we want them to be the most satisfied costumers when it comes to answering and solving their feedback and questions.


Whether you ask candidates in search of a job, or people working with recruitment searching for their perfect new employee, they will express their frustration about the recruitment process as it is handled today. Candidates thinks it’s too hard to find their dream job and when they find it, it is too hard or boring to send in their application. Companies in search of their new employee thinks it’s hard to know where to find the candidates and they struggle with how to make the recruitment process more time- and cost efficient without losing quality of the work.

Cruitive wants to solve these problems by optimizing the relationship between humans and technology. We want to use the technology in parts of the recruitment process where the technology the facto can to a better, more precise and more efficient work than humans, and we want humans to instead focus on the parts of the recruitment process where humans still outdo the technology.


One challenge for us is how to create the candidate view of the platform in a way that makes it simple and accessible for a broad spectra of candidates. We need to get a better understanding of what candidates (with different backgrounds, history and dreams) think about the future recruitment process. How do they want to get their dream job?

Hereford och Humle

Hereford och Humle is a farm just outside Kisa that grows and develops new products with hops. A few thousand hop plants have been planted and the cultivated area is constantly being expanded.


Hops are used today mainly for beer production. Hops, however, have a large number of bioactive substances that have different pharmaceutical properties. There are a number of studies that show both complex compounds and different effects on common ailments, ranging from fungal diseases (Candida Albicans) to hepatitis C, and sleep problems. Hereford and Hops see it as an opportunity to use hops more as a functional ingredient in new products, especially cosmetics, but also other products.


There is a lot of research literature that shows the characteristics of the hops. However, we are looking for someone who can connect hops with new products and appreciate the market potential for these. By describing potential effects and then linking this to a market need, we see that Hereford and Humle are helping to develop new products with functional properties more effectively.

In total, the text needs to be about a half (0,5) page long and in English. Do you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!